Why should you care about intentionally

healing your relationship to money?


I talk a lot about the "energetics" of our relationships to money. The importance of diving into this relationship if you're a visionary who wants to live their purpose while making money. Especially for anyone who wants to create more money, impact and fulfillment in their lives.


So today I want to share why this healing path is important.


If you're looking for a reason why to get started on this path, check out my top three below:

  • 1. Healing Your Relationship To Money Directly Affects Your Financial Reality.

    Don’t like what you see or feel currently when it comes to your finances? Do you feel like you've hit a ceiling or limit in your income or ability to generate revenue? You've hit a certain "level" and feel unable to get to the next with the same tools and strategies that you get you here?


    It's time to go deeper. Diving into your energetic relationship to money will help you shift what you see in your bank account. As you shift within, your external world (your finances) shift in tandem. Every. Single. Time. That's the power in this healing work!

  • 2. It Directly Affects Your Ability To Create.

    You came here, to this moment in time for a reason. What is that vision, purpose or mission that you are called to create? And what is holding you back from going all in towards it?


    Healing your relationship to money allows you to open up more fully to allow the resources, support and money that will come in to support you in realizing this vision. Healing your relationship to money is a great entryway for the deeper, inner work that wants attention. The things that aren't currently comfortable with you moving toward that vision. This work is vital so that you can keep doing your thing and living life FULL OUT.

  • 3. To Feel Better.

    In our current society we're conditioned to create emotional attachments to money. To place our sense of worthiness and validation on what we do or don’t have. The effort we're expending in order to receive. The validity and worthiness of our material desires.


    Diving in and processing these emotional attachments allow you to move forward in neutrality with money. Allowing you to use money as a tool, supporting YOU on your path. Without the drama. Because who couldn't use some more peace in their lives?

Does it feel like there’s a ceiling on the amount of money you can bring in? Jumping from thing to thing trying to make it budge? 


Working with the energy of money helps you to shift energetically the things that have created this ceiling. And as you shift within, your external world shifts in tandem.


Every 👏 single 👏 time.

Are you ready to work with the energy of money to heal, and in turn allow your financial reality to evolve with you?

If you're here, this probably isn't the first time you've heard the term "money blocks" or "limiting beliefs". The things that are subconsciously running the show that are not in alignment or supportive of the life you want to create. Which is why they need to shift. If you look at it like an equation, something needs to shift in order for you to continue moving forward. Either your goals, so that they ARE in alignment with your current beliefs and conditioning around money. OR, your beliefs and conditioning.


While there are shifts you can make by bringing awareness to these "money blocks" or "limiting beliefs" coupled with new thoughts and habits... there are many that are only showing you the tip of the iceberg. These beliefs that are causing the deep-rooted patterns you have with money to pop up again and again and again, many of them need a deeper tool in order to uproot them.


And that's where energy work comes in.


Whether you're new to energetic work or you simply haven't tried it *this way* in relation to money, I invite you to join me in my free energetic workshop. It will take you through powerful energetic work to begin activating a shift in your financial reality. Allowing you to make peace with your past with money, create a clean slate to build a relationship that's anchored in:⁠

  • Trust

  • Abundance

  • Support

  • Love

Are you ready to shift your financial reality? Join us for INSTANT ACCESS to the free guided healing below.



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