“[When it comes to money, so many of us] live out the same patterns on repeat, simply because the root belief causing it hasn’t been addressed yet.


That’s why (for many of us) we can do all the budgeting, tracking, affirmations and money mindset work we can get our hands on but still not see the shifts we desire in our bank account.


Why? Because they don’t go deep enough to address the root cause of why we’re doing what we do with money in an unconscious environment.”


More Money, More Power? is the guide to take you deeper.



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When you can move into a state of fluidity regarding what you hold to be true about money, recognizing that your thoughts are more fiction than fact, you can begin to step outside yourself and bring the awareness needed to shift your financial reality.


Why do you believe what you believe to be true about money? About wealth? And how are these beliefs affecting the very decisions you make that create the financial reality before you?


It's questions like these that drive the inner journey you'll be taking within More Money, More Power?. A powerful book and e-course to help you shake up your relationship to money so you can rebuild it to support you as you take bold action towards achieving your dreams.


But don't take my word for it, take a look at a few of the reviews.

Wow . . . just wow! Darcie Elizabeth’s life-changing book is a transformative guide on how to release the energetic ties that are holding us back around our life and money. Once gone, more fun, more possibility and of course more money flows in!

-Casey Tramp, MD Functional Medicine and Family Medicine Practitioner

Owner, Sastun Direct


Darcie’s More Money, More Power? spoke right to my soul and will be one of the most important books of our time! As we search for that elusive power hiding behind those dollar signs, Darcie’s clear and powerful guidance shows us that the power is in us all along, and how to clear away the debris, so we can finally shine with ease.


A must-read for everyone claiming their true wealth!

-Lola Small, Best-Selling Author, Educator, Activist


More Money, More Power? is a practical book, non-fluff and hardcore full of wisdom. These teachings will help you release the power money has over you and your life.

-Susanne Grant, Business Coach & Consultant - Success without Sacrifice

Grant Method - Business Coaching & More www.grantmethod.com

In More Money, More Power?, Darcie Elizabeth exposes the energetic component of financial flow and presents a fresh new perspective of our personal relationships with money. This impactful book gives us tools to detect and tear down the deeply ingrained patterns that prevent us from allowing money into our lives."

-Dr. Jessica Tallman, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic and Owner of Mind and Body Family Wellness Inc.


In More Money, More Power? Darcie takes the guesswork out of our relationship to money and makes it seem not only possible but so much easier to reach our goals than we've realized. If you are looking to have your mind blown, rapid personal growth and your bank accounts expanded, this is your road map!"

-Mallory McClelland, Psychic Business Coach www.mallorymcclelland.com


I discovered wealth was an "inside game" through Darcie Elizabeth’s teaching methods and subsequent 1:1 support. Through this process, the dream I desired has made its way effortlessly to me just as if this same dream desired me, too! Since reading this literary money masterpiece, I trust in our Divine on an even deeper level to provide for me simply because I’m worthy, my soaring abundance is proof this approach WORKS!

-Jen Ciszewski, Owner and Founder Inspire Health by Jen





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