Make Money While Living Your Purpose?

Have you been trying to journal, affirm and vision board your "money blocks" away?


Chances are you didn't get too far. Because these steps alone aren't enough by themselves, for lasting change you need to go deeper.


While there are shifts you can make by bringing awareness to them coupled with new thoughts and habits... there are many limiting beliefs that are only showing you the tip of the iceberg. Limiting beliefs or "money blocks" that are causing the deep-rooted patterns you have with money to pop up again and again and again.⁠ 


This guided energetic healing will take you through powerful release work to shift these stories. And allow your financial reality to shift along with them!


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[The guided healing] was AMAZING! I am so glad I watched that video. I was able to start my healing process with money just now and this has been so very enlightening. Thank you thank you for sharing this! I can't wait to watch the other videos you posted in your group. Everyone - go watch this!!!

Elizabeth G.

I really want to thank you. You have opened my eyes to a totally new way of thinking. Instead of pleading with God about my finances, I am praising Him for always giving me enough! I love living a life of abundance instead of a life of lack. Because of this I am able to open up to greater blessings!

Beverly L.

I inspire and guide entrepreneurs to create a life they love to live, through healing their relationship to money. 


My work is guided by both the practical and the energetic components of our relationship to money. 


As a CPA with over a decade of experience, I have a solid understanding of money management and the structures needed to support the foundational base of your business.


As a trained energy healer and intuitive, I’m able to support you and guide you as we uncover and shift these unseen pieces of your relationship to money. The root of why you do what you do with money. And shift it where it counts, so you can confidently move forward in creating the business and life of your dreams.

Are you ready to shift your financial reality?

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