You followed your heart and opened a practice because you care deeply about helping people.


To improve their quality of life. And to help them experience the absolute joy that comes with discovering that their body holds the key to healing themselves. 


But... I'm going to guess that along the road to becoming a business owner, you haven't loved all the responsibilities that come along with being your own boss.



...changing lives, running a business while *attempting* to balance this thing called life. That elusive "work-life" balance, while also hoping your social life will come back online sometime soon.



And when the work day is done and you're at home with the family, helping with homework, getting dinner on the table... your mind is still stuck "at work".


Brainstorming ways to get more patients through the door, wondering if you should be moving from Instagram to Tik Tok, and daydreaming about the day when you can leap and expand the practice to take the load off your shoulders AND impact more lives for the better.



I know you love what you do.


But as time goes by you're feeling less fulfilled. The balance feels "off", and you want to grab the reins again and direct yourself towards a new path. A path where you:


- Have a booked out practice each month with "soul-mate" patients who are thriving with your support. No more mental calculations *crossing your fingers* that you'll reach your numbers each week.


- Are able to expand your practice to extend your reach and serve your community on a deeper level. Doing what you love, *while* supporting yourself and your family.


- Can take the pressure off. Creating a sustainable practice, with support, that gives you "real" time freedom. No longer feeling like you always have to be "on"; knowing that your business can run without you at the helm 100% of the time.


- Bring in more money without feeling like you need to give more of yourself to get it. Increasing your prices *without* lengthening your appointment times; understanding the value you bring and the transformation that occurs when a patient walks through your door.


Are you ready to find out how you can make this reality?

Keep scrolling and I'll introduce myself and share how I can support you in restructuring your life and business from the inside, out with my unique energetic process.



Hi! I'm Darcie. Intuitive Money Coach, CPA and best-selling author.


I support alternative health practitioners in restructuring their life and business from the inside, out. Not only to meet (and exceed) their financial goals, but to have the balance they actually desire. Because who wants to spend their days and nights devoted to their business without reaping the benefits of being your own boss?


My approach to reaching your financial goals is unique. I know - just as much as you know - that our body is capable of self-healing. It has the ability to remedy itself, unless there's something blocking that process from happening. Just as you can access and tap into the energetic flow within your patients body, I do the same with money. Money is energy after all.


What's blocking you from opening up to more of the energy flow that is money?


The belief that you have to sacrifice more to get the business you (and money) desire. This foundation is built on childhood programming, conditioning and ancestral beliefs held in the body that are telling you on a subconscious level that you are not worthy of receiving the life and business you desire.



As a trained energy healer and gifted intuitive I use various modalities to help identify the "blocks", then support you in releasing them. Rewriting your beliefs, which moves you into alignment with what you desire. Allowing action and results to come easily from this place. Together we will increase the invisible "income cap" that's dictating how much you receive: cash, patients, even the support you need to get there.


Are you ready to see how energetic support can help you reach your financial goals? Click the button below to schedule your free 30 min consult, or text 913-908-4419 to get the conversation going.

Don't take my word for it. See what other practitioners have to share about their time working with me...

"You said it could be easy and it finally is. Business is booming!


Ready to change your life? I was when I started working with Darcie. And it has been FUN and nothing short of life-changing, and I have more money to support my dreams too!"


After working with Casey we were able to celebrate as she surpassed her long-standing financial goals for her business! She's also remarked how easy and aligned the clients are who walk through her door. Ease, fun and flow are the feelings that embody her practice as she dove into the energetic support head-first and then took aligned action to create it.

Casey Tramp, MD Functional Medicine and Family Medicine Practitioner


Owner, Sastun Direct

I discovered wealth was an "inside game" through Darcie’s teaching methods and subsequent 1:1 support. And because of it I've completely changed the way I see and receive money.


More important than my linear business strategy was my energetic approach to my finances and uncovering how much I really believed I could allow in. Once my mind and body shifted, real wealth started to flow in effortlessly. I could not have made these shifts without Darcie's spiritual approach to money!


Through this process, the dream I desired [in my business] has made its way effortlessly to me! I trust in our Divine on an even deeper level to provide for me simply because I’m worthy. My soaring abundance is proof this approach WORKS!

Jen Ciszewski, Owner and Founder Inspire Health by Jen.


Functional Medicine | Energy Healing | Nutritional Therapy

"Working with Darcie has changed my life! I was drawn to work with her through a recommendation from a friend, and I have had so many amazing and profound shifts in my life. 


She is such a gifted intuitive and her work around money is GOLD. Not only does she have the practical financial knowledge, she also helps you dig deep into your limiting beliefs and helps reprogram for success and abundance. I would encourage and recommend Darcie to anyone looking for support around money, she is fantastic!"


Through working together in 2020, Alicia shared that she's no longer working from a place of desperation... clinging "tight" to money. She shifted from focusing on structuring her business to trading hours for dollars and into a structure where money flows freely through multiple streams while she focuses on doing what she loves!

Alicia Brakke, LMT Owner of Massage By The Sea



Are you ready to see how energetic support can help you reach your financial goals? Click the button below to schedule your free 30-min consultation, or text 913-908-4419 (US only) to get the conversation going.



Curious about what makes my approach different?

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