Money manifestation and covid "relief checks": what they have in common. Plus, why they might be feeding an unhealthy relationship to money.


As stimulus, relief checks coming rolling in, bringing (somewhat of) a sigh of relief. Remember this is a PERFECT opportunity to heal unhealthy patterns with money. That sigh of relief - the emotional high - that might be coming in with the stimulus. (We'll dive in more in terms of money manifestation below). Is that the same feeling you get when you log in to your banking app and see that your paycheck has cleared or that big deposit has come in? This emotional "high" feeds the inevitable emotional "low" that’s coming around the corner. And right now I’m talking to you if you have a pattern of highs and lows, feast and famine when it comes to money. Of having *just enough* each month no matter how much your income might fluctuate.


When it comes to healing our relationship to money, we are healing the unhealthy patterns that we experience with it. And one way that I recommend doing this is through working with the emotional HIGHS and LOWS when it comes to your interactions and transactions with money.

So why should you care becoming "emotionally neutral" with money? To intentionally take emotions out of the inflows, outflows and balances?

Let’s start with a before/after example.


BEFORE being in an emotionally neutral state with money... when I used to perceive that we were running low on cash I would worry/stress/experience anxiety wondering if we’d have enough to pay for bills, groceries etc until I was paid next. Either through my paycheck when I was working in a corporate position and when we were working for ourselves as small business owners. The emphasis was on when *someone else* would pay me. Keeping the emotional attachment in this interaction AND putting the power within something outside of myself.


Feel a sense of relief when money flooded in, because it always did. And before I knew it the money was right back out the door again leaving me anxious and stressed wondering if we’d have enough to get us to the next inflow.


AFTER becoming emotionally neutral with money, now a lower amount of cash in my account doesn’t create the same emotional experience. I see the money in the account for what it is right this moment. I know it can (and will) change at any given moment as it always does (flows in and out), and I trust that as I need more I will allow more in. Limited emotional attachment and the power is returned to me by trusting that I will allow support in. 


Do you feel the difference?


This allows me to react and create from a different state of being. The former creates from a place of lack and scarcity where the latter creates from a place of trust.

Becoming emotionally neutral with money will allows you to react and create from a different state of being. The former creates from a place of lack and scarcity where the latter creates from a place of trust and love.

Allowing yourself to take the emotion (and drama) out of your relationship to money massively changes your trajectory forward in life.

Why? Because when you can create, embody and move through life in a place of trust rather than scarcity. This means you create the life you truly want to live - not a life created out of fear.  Bringing emotional neutrality to the HIGH and LOW helps you to break this pattern. You don’t need the emotional low, if you’re not experiencing the emotion when you get to the high. You feel me?


This awareness is powerful when you can bring it into any "money manifesting" habits you have to support you as you heal. I know, I know “money manifesting” is super sexy. The thrill, the fun and the excitement in setting your intentions and taking action to move towards receiving.


But what I find in a lot of manifestation work is that:


1. The work doesn’t go deep enough to address WHY you aren’t energetically aligned with what you’re asking for... and


2. The excitement (high) followed by the “not receiving what you set out to receive” (low) is damaging. It’s further driving in this high - low, feast and famine struggle that is keeping you emotionally addicted to these rollercoaster feelings. Perpetuating the cycle.


When you’re on the path to healing your relationship to money, you don’t need to “master” the art of manifesting. When you’re in a healthy, drama-free relationship with money, you call in what you need and you receive. It’s simple, no drama. Here's what it looks like - in very simplified terms:

  • Get Clear On Your Desires

  • Take Inspired Action (including energetic work / money mindset)

  • Trust the Process - and - the Outcome (it's in much better hands than yours)

This is why I recommend you bring awareness to your emotions here as you heal your relationship to money. In looking at where you’re emotionally attached to money and doing the work it takes to begin to detach and remain neutral.


Because when you really get down to it, money is neutral. A tool. So why should our emotions be wrapped up in it anyway?


How can you start? GROUND. Bring awareness to your emotional state in financial highs and lows, and intentionally bring calm to your body through physical grounding (getting outside!), meditation, visualization etc. Awareness of these patterns, emotional states while grounding and acknowledging will help you rewire your body to remain neutral in the midst of these financial transactions to support you in shifting the pattern.


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