Hi, I'm Darcie!

Creator of Conscious Money Leaders. 

Are you ready to awaken to your power as a magnificent creator?


Conscious Money Leaders was created to support visionaries like you. In removing false programming from our disempowering social structures, money specifically, to awaken your power within. To allow you to step into the full magnitude of your role as a conscious creator.


Are you ready to manifest your dream life, lean into your purpose for being and lead with your soul?

I'm Darcie. Spiritual Guide, Money Healer and international best-selling author. Conscious Money Leaders was created because of my own experiences and how I was able to transform them. To give others the gift of a (massive) shortcut.


💰 From working over a decade as a CPA in public accounting and the corporate finance world... I understand money. As a tool and all of its practical uses.


💫 But it all shifted when I became a mom six years ago, my intuitive gifts opened up and I dove headfirst into energy healing. Trying to run as fast and as far as I could from the meaningless feeling that started to creep up in my then-current career. As I tried to run, financially we suffered. I wasn’t set up energetically to step away from my “day job” and allow in money in other ways. My body was running on old programming. It was hard to make ends meet and I was filled with guilt (and stress) knowing I could just go back to my “easy” paycheck and all would be fine. But it wouldn’t. I couldn’t.


I put a stake in the ground and over the next few years I took temporary consulting positions to help support financially as I dug DEEP into my own inner work. Inner work that involved deconstructing my own connection to money, releasing outdated beliefs, patterns that I couldn’t take with me. And amidst this inner work, a lightbulb went off around 18 months ago.


My vision, my mission became clear. 💡


I stopped running from my money expertise and embraced it. Combined it with my intuitive skills to support others in transforming their lives as they deconstruct their own connection to money. With my vision clear, I was given step by step the life I had been desiring for YEARS.


As I reach and step into each experience, more desires naturally appear. So I continue to peel back the layers of my own connection to money and my body to align myself with each desire. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


The life I had been desiring was manifesting before my eyes. In the last 14 months, I've:


✨ started from scratch a soul-led business fueled by my passion, and two months later turned down an offer at the company where I was working to go all in on my business (spoiler alert: the “gamble” paid off!)

✨ fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine and became a published author, and this year I'll make that x2

✨ have supported over 150 men and women in healing their relationship to money so that they can create a life they love to live... no longer creating from a place of fear and lack 

✨ added to our family, baby boy in December brought us to a family of 5!


✨ my relationship with my husband is better than it's ever been as we've been able to reap the benefits of the healing work that we've gone through together

✨ moved out of our house, put our stuff in storage and packed our bags to head to South America for a year of nomadic living and traveling! Spoiler alert: we didn’t make it out of the country due to covid, BUT we’ve made the best of it and have been enjoying ourselves exploring in the USA! There we are below on - what we thought would be - the first leg of our trip to Ecuador!

After deconstructing my own connection to money I was able to create the life that had previously been relegated to my dreams. The life that our family created over the last year has everything to do with our detached connection to money. We now have the courage to do the things our hearts desire BECAUSE we know that we’ll be supported.

Living a life led by your purpose, your soul, coupled with a healthy relationship to money? Unstoppable.


Are you ready to awaken to your power as a magnificent creator? To allow money and the resources you need to support you as you move towards your dreams?


I'm not special. The work I've done in deconstructing my connection to money and rebuilding it in a way that serves me, is accessible to you too. And I promise it's a lot painless to be guided through with tried and tested methods.


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